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Hello everyone. I apologize in advance for this incredibly ridiculous question, but there are no dumb question, right?

How do you calculate a subject GPA...? Basically, is it all of the courses you had to take for your degree or only things directly related to the subject? For example, my undergrad degree is in Biology. Would I only count Bio courses, or would I also include physics and chemistry, as they are required for the degree?


ETA: I actually did a double major, so would I include courses for both majors or only the one related to the school I am applying to?

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In general you would just list the courses that were actually biology courses, but with a double major that complicates things. I would suggest emailing the grad admissions coordinator and asking him/her. They are generally nice people and they have nothing to do with whether you get accepted or not, so don't worry about bothering them.

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