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Profile Evaluation Bioinfo/Bioengg/Chem&Bio Schools


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Hey guys,

I am looking to apply for bioinfo/systems biology engineering schools only. Any suggestions on which Tier I/Tier II schools i will have best chances in, will be appreciated!

Undergrad+Masters School - Amongst the top 3 engineering colleges in India.

Undergraduate Engineering Major - Biotechnology

Master's Major - Biotechnology

Overall GPA - 7.97 / 10 (Since it was a dual degree program its a combined Undergrad+Masters CGPA, must be overall in top 25-30% range)

GPA in Master's Thesis - 10/10 (project in Bioinfo, Couldn't Publish a Paper..Amongst 2/15 masters graduates to receive 10/10 )


Q - 800 (94%)

V - 510 (65%)

W- 4.0 (41%)

TOEFL - 27 each x 4 =108

1st Internship - Bioinfo research internship in Nanyang Technical University, Singapore.

2nd Internship - Bioinfo research internship in Max Planck, Germany.

Papers - 2nd authored a conference paper from germany intern, presented in a renowned international symposium.

LoRs -

1. Masters Thesis Guide (Knows me too well, did 2 courses + worked for 4 years in his lab, excellent reco (hopefully!))

2. Germany Intern ( Good reco, worked good)

3. Singapore Intern ( Fair to good reco)

Tentative Schools - ??

Any suggestions on what range of schools i should aim at will be really helpful!

I am confused about which all good Tier 1/Tier2 schools i will atleast have a competitive chance!

I am looking to apply in Bioengg/Chem & biomolecular engg schools with a good bioinfo/systems biology orientation.

Thanks in advance for help!

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