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FALL 2023 APPLICATION CYCLE - Profile Eval Request for Social Psychology


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Hi all! I would really appreciate your guys' thoughts on my profile as I will be applying in the fall for social psychology PhD programs. Any suggestions for schools to apply to?

Undergraduate institution: Top R-1 University

Major(s): Psychology, Political Science, [REDACTED social science]

Minor(s): [REDACTED social justice-related]

GPA: 3.9+

GRE: will not be taking

Research interests: group behavior, decision-making, technology, affective processes

LOR(s)Thesis supervisor (very strong), PI for a research project (very strong), professor from social psych and cultural psych classes (strong)

Research experience: honors thesis in political science exploring political psychology (highest honors), helped write a book related to political psychology (named contributor), psych interventions lab for one year

Work experience: worked all four years of undergrad; admin job in private sector during gap year

Special activities: two research conferences - one international and one in D.C. related to my independent research, president of honor society, won many student leadership awards on campus, won two research grants

Quant: taken classes in R and data analysis; A+ in two statistical social science research methods classes, B- in one data science class during my freshman year

SOP: I talked about my research experiences and how I transitioned from political psychology to social psychology which involved reading books and observing American political and cultural norms during the pandemic - pretty strong according to friends who are already PhD students

Applying to: Harvard (perfect match for research interests), Stanford, Yale, Oxford MSc Psych Research, Princeton

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