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Any chance I would get admitted to a M.A program with low undergrad gpa in CS?


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I am considering a career switch. I have had a successful career as a software engineer and engineering manager for the last 5 years. I hold an undergraduate degree from a top CS school in Canada. However, I never really enjoyed computer science and I was pretty depressed during my undergraduate program, so I have a really poor GPA of 2.3. (The conversion absolutely kills me here, I got about a 68% average which for my program was slightly below average). I did not do well in my math classes, mostly due to mental health and anxiety.

I would like to pursue a masters degree in economics. In contrast, I have always been passionate about economics and often devote my free time to reading and contemplating the topic. While I lack formal experience in the field, I am interested in pursuing a master's degree in economics.

Now that I am older and my mental health is in a much better place, I'm confident that I can excel if given the opportunity. If I crush the GREs, would that be enough to compensate for the poor GPA? Should I re-take math courses at local universities to show that I understand the material?

Am I doomed? Is there any way ANY graduate program will accept me? It does not have to be a top school. (I am open to schools both in North America and Europe, I have been living and working in the New York for the last five years, but I am a Canadian citizen).

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