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Planning in advance for Math phD


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Hi all,

Currently I am still a second-year undergraduate. (majoring in Pure Math, in Singapore (South-east Asia))

What are the steps I could possibly take to plan in advance for a Math PhD (eg. in the US).

I hope to get funding (as a teaching assistant, etc.), as I do not have means to fund myself.

Which is important for me (as a foreigner):

(1) study hard to boost exam results

(2) do more research with professors (i have done one such research so far, but in Applied Math/astronomy)

(3) start preparing for the GRE, GPA (US tests?)

(4) any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot! :D

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You are only in your second year. It is too early to think about GRE.

Focus on your studies and, yes, try to get into some kind of research. Also, don't waste your summers - do something that will boost your academic profile.

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