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What are the acceptance rates for various programs?


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Let's break it down into the "top" vs "middle" vs "bottom" schools, since they'll be different.

I know as a fact (since I've been an applicant in both):

top business phd schools 5-8%

top social psychology phd schools 4-6%

What about other programs? How hard is it to get into a PhD program?

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From the responses I've gotten so far, English programs were (yet again) abysmal this year. Intake at the handful of top ~20 schools I applied to were between 2-5%. That's based on the ratio of initial offers to applicants. It probably gets slightly better when schools are forced to go to their waitlists.

Considering half of us who earn PhDs in English won't get tenure-track jobs within five years, one has to envy people with more sensible dreams. =)

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