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Need some advices!!!!


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I am an international student,

I got my GRE 630v, 790q.

Ielts at 7

My average scores back in college is not high, 75 ( out of 100), my majoy was computer science and technology

Got 3 years marketing experience back in China.

So my question here is, which schools I should apply for, so that I can securied myself to get in, given the fact that I am interested in business-related program, like: information system management or MBA.

Thank you in advance!!!

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your gre scores are high enough to get into (almost) any big schools, but i assume you are aware of the fact that admission depends on several other factors. without you first listing here the names of the schools you are planning on applying to, it's impossible for any of us to give you any advice. more specifically, us listing the school names for you sounds ridiculous in itself. i mean, there are literally hundreds of schools to choose from. since you have taken both gre and ielts, are you planning on applying to both US and UK? if you can provide us the list, you will get sound suggestions from people on this board.

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