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Is anyone else watching/listening to Introduction to Theory of Literature by Open Yale Courses? I've downloaded the audio files, but now find it easier to watch the lectures on Youtube. I took a theory course last year, but it concentrated on the short-story in France, so this complements it pretty well by giving me more breadth in this subject.

I'm watching a lecture a day--taking notes and all--and reading the texts provided in the course material zip, and totally intend to start the Modern Poetry course next.

What do you guys think about this? Is anyone else using these or other online resources to complement their undergrad curriculum?

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I loved those talks! -- Paul Fry is brilliant.

Although his lectures are fantastic, he did a bit of patchy job covering the history of theory -- but I think he mentions that the course should be split between pre- and post-Eliot. I've taken courses on historic as well as contemporary theory, so I know there's a lot to cover.

His sections on Deconstruction are gnarly!

T. Basket

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