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Unf***kin believable!! DAMN YOU TOEFL!


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Hey, that's partly ETS mistake. Ask them to send a letter to your dream school explaining the situation.

If you take the test on december 11th, you won't get your results until a month after (at least). Then, it takes ETS between 4 and 6 weeks to send the official reports to the Schools. They are damn slow but you can pay an extra fee to have them send your scores faster (3 weeks I think). Basically, it's a two and a half months process, I'm not joking (seriously, I counted I was going ballistic, calling them every week like "what the f**** are you waiting for" ;-). They are faster with GRE scores. They explained me why, I don't remember though.

Ask them to write a letter to your dream school. You DO speak English, but it's not a call that an Admission Office can make, that's the Admissions Committee decision. And if there is one requirement they're serious about, that's the TOEFL. Don't take the risk, the Admission Office might not even hand your application to the committee. Some schools don't ask for official scores to review applications and make decisions. You only have to give them an official report if admitted. But they still want you to give some scores in good faith. They will check if the two reports match if they accept you. I don't know if your schools use the same method?

Anyway, seriously, ask ETS to write an official letter, this way they won't hold you responsible.

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