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3rd LOR for Econ PhD


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This is a really last minute request...

I have 2 letters in the bag already--1 from a "Distinguished Prof" (econ) at our uni who is my undergrad adviser, I've taken 2 classes with, etc etc, and 1 from an Asst Prof (econ) who I've worked with on 2 papers and who is advising my undergrad thesis...

I decided on applying to the PhD rather late (about 2 weeks ago) and am struggling for my 3rd letter if it's going to be econ...among econ, I could ask a prof I haven't had since freshman year but whose class I did really well in (mathematical micro), a prof I had soph year who I ran into the other day who flat out offered to write a letter (intermediate macro--not as relevant to PhD/my specialty), or any number of people who aren't econ profs. One of the non-econs I'd be completely comfortable asking to do this quick turnaround (my first apps are due 12/8) as she's written for me a lot before, but I was told to have all econ/math profs for the PhD. True? Is it ridiculous to ask a prof with just a week to go?

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Does anyone else from the econ field have any insight? I did not study econ, and thus far have taken five econ classes, all with different professors. (I've written to two of them, but am a little bummed because they haven't responded. But I guess I should follow up.)

If I don't get these professors but still have dazzling reviews (and I'm sure they can speak to research skills), will that hurt my chances?

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