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Score Report Worries


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Hi, Everyone!

I took the GRE in Budapest on Nov 25, and just logged online to see if my scores had been posted yet. The website says that they are 'absent or unavailable', which would tell me they simply are not ready. However, where the score report recipients are listed below, it says that the scores were reported on Dec. 03. Uh oh.

Does anyone have any idea if this might be a major problem? Or should I not worry, having the date reported listed doesn't mean anything?

I apologize if this was mentioned elsewhere, but after a search I couldn't find any discussion of the matter. Thanks a lot for any help!

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The report date is when ETS sends the score report to the institution. That happens as soon as your score is available. But it would take longer for the test taker to view. For paper based test (based on my own experience), it is when the test taker can pay that extra $12 to check scores over the phone. But I need to wait another two weeks before I can view my score online for free (and they send the paper score report to me).

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An interesting way of going around ETS' stupidity is if you have already submitted an application and you can check the status. In my case Texas allowed me to see my score (sent on November 6) on November 9, while ETS website only allowed me to see it on 18.

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