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Hi everybody.

I'm applying to the University of Hawaii at Manoa specifically for their MA stream Language Documentation and Conservation.

I'm also applying to U of O and I was thinking about UCLA and Berkley (but not so much anymore... read below)

But everyone else here seem much more knowledgeable about which school will accept whom.

Here are my stats:

GRE: 550v ( sad face) 650q (normal face) ?w (confused face?)

GPA: 3.88

Graduated with honors + honors thesis

Major: Communication (me + the basketball team!) + 3 independent ling courses.

Did undergraduate research with professors

Massive amounts of teach experience

Currently a Fulbright ETA

Whaddya think? It's probably good news to be an Fulbrighter, but I can't get over my shittious GRE score.

Plus I'm worried about my SOP. Very worried. (Would anyone be willing to take a peek at my SOP? Perhaps and exchange?)

Please, any evaluation is welcome, as I don't really know any Ling. profs.

Thanks and good luck to all of you working on your apps right now!

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Most theoretical linguistics programs accept students based upon how strong their research paper (which usually is linguistics-related) is. I'm not sure whether or not UHawaii Language Documentation/U of O stress submitting a writing sample, but just in case: what was the research about? It's good that you took those linguistics courses, that'll definitely be a plus (in addition to the Fulbright).

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