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AI Generated Essays


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How are people approaching students who submit what are clearly AI generated essays. 


Clearly meaning, I got the same answer when I pushed a prompt into chatGPT and it was identified as written by AI on turnitin. 

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Do you have a policy for this in your syllabus? I tell my students that claiming credit for any ideas/work/writing that is not their own is plagiarism, and that includes AI-generated work. I would address this situation the same as any other plagiarism case, based on your university's policies. For me, I would give a zero on the assignment and report it to the university so it was on their record -- but again, I made it clear throughout the term that this would happen if they turned in AI-generated work, so it wouldn't be a surprise to them at that point. You may want to consult with another faculty member or office of student integrity (or whatever office handles disciplinary issues of this type) to ensure you are following the appropriate procedures.

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I didn't, but I will add it for next year.


Thanks for the insight. I spoke with the faculty member who is in charge of organizing the grad student teachers and he indicated the university did not have one. I am hoping they do come fall. 

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