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Is having a double regional focus bad?


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Hope everyone is ok.

I'm preparing to apply this December and I had a few questions. I'm in comparative politics and interested in questions of elections, democracy, and party politics. As studying elections requires some democratic standards. Europe is considered the continent with the highest standards of democracy and I'm particularly interested in Western Europe (France). As I'm from a North African state, I have extensive research in projects related to MENA, and am fluent in Arabic and French.

I started developing an affinity for electoral studies in North Africa, and a lot of the work being done at Princeton has blown my mind, from the Arab Barometer to the research on polarization, it is really fascinating. So I am wondering if a double regional interest is seen as "bad" during PhD applications. Even though I think my profile and research experience can hold itself when it comes to showing proof of knowledge of both regions.

In addition, is there any comparative electoral studies research being done on comparing MENA and Western Europe? I know that comparisons are difficult due to democratic standards etc..., but I'd really be interested in studying the question more. I would be thankful if anyone could help guide me to any scholars/schools in this area. Or also just any schools/scholars studying MENA on an electoral basis.



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