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Can't find a 3rd letter writer...also


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I'm in a situation that I'm wondering if others have found themselves in. I'm currently taking non-degree courses right now and I asked one of the professors for a LOR...but unfortunately professors in this program don't write recommendations into their own program. I was told the opposite once and that profs do write letters into their own programs quite often...but apparently it's not going to happen for me. Oh well. The professor was willing to write me one for another school though. I have asked two full professors from my undergrad if they would write me a letter...but have been informed that neither thinks that they'd be able to write me a strong detailed letter. I did well in all of their courses, but apparently not well enough to be remembered, I guess. To be fair, the class sizes were on the large side and I was a quiet student.

My last option is an adjunct lecturer currently, but was an ABD when I took classes with him. Has anyone been in such a situation as mine? Not being able to get LORS from professors or even being short of one upon application...but not for lack of trying. What did you do? And how did the situation pan out for you?

I haven't been out of school for that long... 3 years maybe closer to 4 years. Oh, I've only taken multiple courses with the three persons mentioned above, also.

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