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What are my chances/shots of getting into a good Masters Program in Bioengineering?


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I am currently a 3rd year at UCLA in Bio-Engineering with a cumulative gpa of 3.3 (as of the end of my 1st quarter of my 3rd year). I am interested in going to masters in BioEng. and will apply starting next year (I have 3 - 4 quarters remaining before I apply).

Some of the schools I am considering:

-Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor




-Washington University in St. Louis


-UC Davis

-UC Irvine

-Case Western

Other details:

I have not yet taken my GRE's yet (will do soon).

I have been doing research since the start of my 2nd year and will continue to do so until I graduate.

I have got an authorship on a recently published paper (2nd/3rd author).

I am pretty sure I will have good teacher recs (from my professors and my post doc fellow who I work under at research).

What colleges from the above, if I were to apply right now (assuming that I got a mediocre GRE score) would I get accepted into their Master's program?

To better my chances, how much do I need to increase my GPA to, REALISTICALLY?


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