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Working while in school


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Is it just asking for trouble to take on a part-time job while in grad school (no funding for non-academia focused masters students in the humanities, boooo)? I worked all through undergrad and while I know my grades would have been better if I hadn't needed a job, I managed to make it work. I'm just concerned that because grad school is going to be well, harder that I'll end up hitting a wall and bursting in to flames.

Likewise, and this is a "I really don't expect anyone to know but might as well take a stab at it" question, I've worked in higher education administration for like 2 1/2, almost 3 years now and if I did get a job I feel like there's no way in hell I'd take a student work job. I'm not some snotty elitist (we were all copy-monkeys once) but I have a lot of experience and would love to get a "real" part time job in one of the administrative offices, because the work study $8.50 per hour will not cut it. Would the fact that I'm a grad student kind of slide me to the bottom of the list because they know I'll be really busy? Is this uncommon?

Would it be worthwhile to sort of blind email my department or the larger humanities department with a resume asking if there are any such positions available?

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I would make sure you clear working with your department before you start looking for a job. I know that you are often prohibited from part time work (or it must be cleared) if you are funded, and while you don't have that luxury I imagine if they waive or discount tuition they may want a say in what you do with your time. It'd be really embarrassing for your resume to circulate then someone realize that "hey, this is one of our students, and that's against our policies." I would proceed with caution.

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