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Recommendation email by application system never sent


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As nothing seems to be going right for me this application season, one of my letter recommenders was never sent the email by the application system at the U of Cincinnati after I had submitted my online application. I talked to the graduate secretary today and she said that their "application grid system is down?" I gave her the name and email of my prof, because apparently there were more than a couple of people who never got an email. This seems to be a separate issue though unrelated to the grid being down. She said she couldn't access it today and hopes it will be running tomorrow. Should I follow up with her tomorrow? I'm just tired of technical problems being at the core of my application issues, when I have all my stuff organized on this end.

Have any of you had the same problem happen before, and how did you deal with it?

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Definitely follow up with her tomorrow. Perhaps they will allow the recommender to just email the recommendation letter rather than use the system which seems to be having difficulties.

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Yeah, that's what I hope, since I had sent in the online portion 2 weeks ago, and my other writers had no issues. Of course, it always seems to happen when I think everything else is in order. Oy.

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