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Starting writing really late

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So, I've perused some of the topics posted on here regarding how long it took others to write their SOP--I am applying for Masters programs and plan on having it all done by the end of this week (I'm on holiday so I have a lot of free time to write). Although I am planning on writing something around 800-1000 words, I fear that I've started too late and I don't have a clear focus--my outline is to discuss the field in general and why this program attracted me, my credentials and goals for the future, and a few prospective thesis topics. My programs of interest are all "taught" Masters, meaning that they don't require a research proposal from me, and I'm applying to two UK schools, which I'm told expect very straightforward SOP's. I generally don't need several drafts of a piece of writing before I find it satisfactory but I am just kind of freaking out...

Basically, I need a pep talk that this isn't impossible. tongue.gif

Thanks in advance,


PS: I should also mention I'm prone to anxiety so a lot of this might be in my head.

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Well, good luck! :) I struggled with keeping things under 1000 words, so from your bare outline I'd immediately cut the discussion of the field in general - they know why it is important. Also if possible have people read the drafts once you are satisfied if only to double check organization, typos, etc.

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Cut the discussion of anything "in general" your SOP should be specifics only, don't talk about why the program attracted you but why you FIT the program - that's pretty universal. Beyond that I'm not an expert on UK school application processes!

You should be fine though if you're devoting the whole week to it, and you make sure you have time to step away, rethink and rewrite/edit. More time is better, but a week is not impossible.

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Good luck, Windy City Girl!

I am applying for a "coursework" Masters too. While I've not completed my essay, I've already made 2 drafts in the past two weeks. It was basically verbal diarrhoea. Anything that came to mind that I felt inspired me, relevant anecdotes were put on paper.

So all these thoughts about my life and relevant experiences are now top of mind. Next I plan to structure my thoughts (which should be easier to do now that they're on paper). Finally, when I confirm the list of grad schools, I'll look into verbalizing how I fit into the particular program and including that in my essay too.

Well, that's my approach - not tested yet as it's my first time applying to grad school in the States.

All the best, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




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