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Where to take my "profile" for next year


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Hi all!

I'm hoping to apply for CS PhD programs next year for Fall 2012 admission; so I was wondering if I could get suggestions on how I can spend the next year strengthening my application.

My undergraduate degree is in an entirely unrelated field, but I graduated with a 3.7 and was part of 2 prestigious scholarship programs.

My current masters degree is in computer animation & effects, involves a considerable amount of CS (tho it is not a CS degree). My grad GPA is a 3.93.

I have participated in research as an undergrad (though in my undergraduate major, so unrelated to CS), and do have one published abstract from that period.

As a grad student, my degree is more of a professional program, so I haven't been involved yet with research, but I have obtained 2 grants to work on a current production. I haven't decided on my thesis yet, but I'm hoping to have it deal more with visual computing than computer animation, since I'm interested in visual computing and graphics.

I last took the GRE 3 years ago and got a 720Q, 660V, and 3.5 AW (I didn't study for it, hated the writing, sooo... yeah). I'm fairly confident I can easily boost my scores when I retake it next year.

What expectations should I have when applying to PhD programs/ what should I focus on to boost my chances?

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Well im not really an expert on this stuff but i think it doesn't usually matter that you were from a non-cs ug program(could some1 else just clarify this thanks.)

Now onto what you should do, you have a paper published thats great. Well as i see it over the next year you could try and get in touch with some people at the university you currently attend who are into visual computing and see if they will let you work with them. Works great for both your final thesis and if the work is significant enough another publication? also it shows the adcomm that you have the initiative and the drive for visual computing as you say you do.(lucky you. you atleast know where your interests lie :D). If you cannot find some1 at your university, try the others in the same or nearby cities?

also i think your gre score is decent enough cos its just a yardstick. doesn't really make an app and yours is ok enough. I'm not sure about the writing section, so i'll leave that to someone more knowledgeable.

Look around the forums and you'll find other posters whose profiles are similar to yours and look into the unis they'r applying to. That should give you a good idea of where to apply etc.



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