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So, I'm applying to Brown for a Ph.D. in seventeenth-century lit. I'm afraid I also write poems, and I chose to apply to Brown, at least in part, because the creative writing program there is first water. I'd hope, in an unofficial capacity, to affiliate myself with the folks in Literary Arts. My sense, dithering around on the website, is that there's maybe some bad blood between English and L.A. Is this the case? Does anyone affiliated with either program know? Should I mention my interest in Literary Arts in my SoP?

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This is, obviously, a belated reply and more for others that have a similar interest in Brown's LitArts and PhD programs (if cyriac is at Brown, then they will already know about this opportunity, but for others...):

Brown has what is called the "Open Graduate Education" program and allows PhD students in any field to get a Masters in another field if they can justify it has some connection with their ultimate research, or other goals. Literary Arts is part of this...(unsure of how the funding would work, but that can be asked). Check out this link:


and here are the participating programs:


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