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Hi friends!

I am pretty interested in going for a biomedical sciences PhD in the States. Since I am originally from Europe I don't know much about the jobmarket over there.

To be honest I am not really eager to pursue the typical academic career, meaning: PhD, Post-Doc years, becoming a university professor.

Where do PhD's end up outside of academia? I am sure there are more PhD's than available faculty positions. Are there jobs in biotech or pharmaceutical (or other) companies for PhD's or do they usually employ someone with a B.S. or M.S.? Does it make sense at all to go for a PhD if I do not want to become a professor? Right now I am pretty sure that I want to leave academia.

Thanks. :)

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Depends on which field you are in, governments and NGOs do hire social scientists to do research for them, though they're more interested in social scientists who can handle numbers (statistics). I have a MSc and I'm currently working in the public sector as a researcher. Since health care is treated as a business in the States I think you'll find great opportunities in the private sector or within the National Institutes of Health.

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I have friends with PhD's in life sciences that do everything from patent law to medical writing to science advocacy to working as an analyst for venture capitalists trying to invest in biotech business. The jobs are much more diverse than just academia vs industry. Also don't forget national laboratories and agencies such as the EPA as well.

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Plenty of jobs available but if you are not an American citizen, getting into government-funded or government institutions might not be possible. Private companies, INGOs, and multinational companies are the best options. I (int'l student) plan to go into academia but not right after I get my PhD. So I am thinking about work in the private sector for few years, make $$ and then head to a TT position. We'll see how that rolls out.

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