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need help for choosing schools


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hiiiiiiiii all

i plan to apply US schools for mathematics PhD fall 2011

my GPA :2.66 pure math

MSc :4 applied math

GRE : verbal: 300

quant : 760

is there any chance for me to get accepted in a school in US ?

my honest thoughts:

your undergrad gpa is quite low.

but your masters gpa is amazing. it should offset the low undergrad gpa. hopefully.

although most science majors don't care about verbal score, 300 is quite low.

do you have any research experiences? conferences, seminars, posters, papers? voluntary or paid work experience in related field? these will greatly enhance your chances and in most cases can overshadow your gpa.

i would say you have decent shot of getting in US schools. since adcomms and/or professors are looking for a variety of things in their students, it is hard to declare right away if you will get in for sure. you can always contact profs at different schools through email and ask them if they are taking in grad students. this has proven to help many students.

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