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what level of schools should I aim at?


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currently a junior in Industrial Engineering in Purdue (international)

seekings schools in Master in IE


GRE: V690 Q800 AW4.0

no research or internship experience so far but will try to find an intern this summer

What ranking of the IE schools should I aim at?

btw,do people usually apply 10 schools for graduate degree?

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Your scores seem pretty high for an international. Since you are looking for Masters, I would say apply to a mix of top schools and 2nd tier. But also look into how you will fund it, because funding is much harder to come by for a masters. Maybe apply to a safety or two that may offer you more money. Then wait it out and see where you get in.

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I'm not in your field but I your stats are good and you should have a decent shot at a top program. Use the summer to intern as you say, or try to use it to get some research experience and you should be in a pretty good place come application season later in the year. Just make sure to apply to a mix of schools to increase your chances of admission. And 10 schools is not too much - I'm applying to 10 as well this year. Do make sure to give your LoR writers lots of notice though.

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