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pls help!!! what are my chances of getting into toronto


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GPA = 3.03/4

GRE: v 640, q 800, aw 5.5

i have no publication and all but what are my chances of getting into University of Toronto to study Computer Sc. as a master degree.

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You're applying for Fall 2012 right? If so I would strongly encourage you to get good research experience this year. Toronto is considered like a top 10 US program for CS and the MS is their entrance program, so getting into their MS there is comparable to getting into a PhD program at a top 10 school in the US. I applied there last year and didn't get in, and if you look at the survey results on this site from last year, you will see many rejections for Toronto CS MS. So it's very hard to get into that program - you will need good research experience. If you can get that research experience this year and hopefully get a paper published, then I say go for it. If not, it will be very unlikely that you would get admitted.

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