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Oxford MPhil or NYU MA


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My two top offers are for economics MPhil at Oxford and the MA at NYU. From the prospective of preparing myself to get into a top phd program afterwards, everything else equal, which school I go to?

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I've only just seen your post. Don't know whether it's still relevant or whether you already had to decide. I'm in Oxford's Economics programme right know. Albeit being an udergraduate we get quite an insight into the grad program (in the UK, we don't have a major minor system...I study economics and that's it basically). Oxford's MPhil is actually designed to lead you to a PhD due to its structure and course content. A considerable percentage of their students eiather stay in Oxford for their D.Phil (aka PhD) or go elsewhere to complete a PhD program. I've also been looking into NYU's MA quite extensively because I consider applying there for 09. THe structure is somewhat different, although, afaik, you could choose to have the same courses relevant for the PhD which are on the core syllabus in Oxford. One thing to note is that NYU has much more flexibility.

I'm not sure how much research experience NYU allows you to get...Ox is quite keen on research on the graduate level as it doesn't exist for undergrads.

Have you made a decision yet?

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