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V: 650, Q: 600, AW: 3.5


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So I'm trying to get into an Industrial/Organizational Psychology Masters Program and I'm freaking out about my test scores. I read everyone's scores on here and feel like I'm on the outside looking in when it comes to getting into Grad School. What I have in my favor is my work experience. After graduating from college in 1995 with a B.S. in Advertising, I worked for two years in advertising but then the next 12+ in outside sales. The first six years I worked as a straight-commissioned outside salesperson for one company and then the next six years I worked as a specialty pharmaceutical sales rep for one company. I called on psychiatrists and behavioral pediatricians regarding adhd medications and was once the #1 ranked sales rep in the nation out of 350 representatives. I have worked nonstop since I was 15 years old (all through high school, all through college) with just one 3 month break in between my first and second sales jobs. My college GPA was only 2.85. Recently I've taken 5 courses in psychology (including psych research methods) and received A's in all five courses. I received an "A" in elementary statistics back when I was 19 years old.

Ok, so do I have a realistic shot at getting into any I/O Psych Masters programs? I'm kind of worried that I screwed myself with the AW score. I'm passionate, I have a strong work ethic, I'm loyal, I'm committed, I have a very good story to tell about my time working as a sales rep in big pharma which would apply to I/O Psychology, I'm genuine. I just don't know if what I have to offer is what people are looking for. I just want a realistic take on my chances. I can be a bit pessimistic about my chances.

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