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How many apps


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Dear Colleagues

I was wondering if anyone would share, how many apps is appropriate to initiate?

I have a list of 8 scholars I feel would be perfect mentors for my project.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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As many as you feel comfortable with.

Some people go with one or two because they know exactly where they want to be and feel comfortable about their applications (or are short of cash). Some people go with 15+ because they feel safer that way.

Personally, I'd say that 8 is a good number. Have you contacted all those academics? Perhaps send them an e-mail, also read more about the funding and department resources on the university websites, and you will eventually cut 8 to a lesser number. But as I said, 8 will be fine with many. :)

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In my opinion, a lot of this depends on the character of your application.

If you went to HYPS, have a 3.9+ GPA, a strong letter of recommendation from Gary King, a combined GRE of 1570, etc, then you should feel good with a few apps. Conversely, if your application is considerably more moody/unpredictable, perhaps you'd want to apply widely.

At the end of the day:

1) Apply in a manner that leaves you without regrets

2) Don't apply to any school if you wouldn't actually be happy attending

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