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Getting into SLP School with “Low Stats”

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Hi, I am a current junior studying CSD and will be applying to start in 2025. However, since I switched majors and wasn’t sure this was the career I wanted my freshman and sophomore year of college, so I do not have the large amounts of experience and hours that others do. Is grad school a possibility with my experiences or will I be looking at full time work for a couple of years before I can get in?

3.7 cumulative GPA, 4.0 Major GPA

Attend college OOS but am a TN resident, so I am looking mostly at the TN schools to cut back on cost! 

-Worked as a lifeguard/kids’ swim instructor 2019-2022

-Peer Mentor in a Leadership club at my school, won $1,000 scholarship/award for outstanding leadership (freshman and sophomore year)

-Dance Marathon committee member for the last 2 years (plan to do it again,) fundraised $1,000 

-Undergraduate Research, it is a new lab so no publications or posters as of yet (~30 hours, I anticipate more and I plan on joining another lab!) 

-Shadowing/Volunteering with SLPs at a local clinic (anticipated ~50-60 hours)

-Volunteering at a sensory based play center for children with disabilities (Anticipated ~50 hours this summer)

-Miscellaneous part-time on campus jobs: Worked at library and rec center as a front desk/facilities employee! I also worked as a tutor for biology for a semester but this is too short of a timespan to include on an application


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Based on what you've written, you don't have "low stats." Sounds like you have lots going for you. Just make sure you apply to at least a few schools and you'll most likely be fine. Good luck!

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