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Waiting Games Sculpture here


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Here's what I've got:

Wisconsin - Madison

Illinois - Chicago

North Carolina - Chapel Hill

New Mexico

San Jose State

My girlfriend has our mailbox key, and that's probably the only thing keeping me from checking it 10 times a day. Even so, the next couple months will be tense. At least we're not alone.

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Since submitting my apps, I feel like i'm on a roller coaster ride. One minute i'm fine.. feel confident ..next i'm freaking out.

I love all the knowledge I've acquired lurking around and I find comfort in knowing there are others who understand what I'm going through BUT reading all the results from last year is like a slap in the face BUT it's exciting at the same time.

It really brings everything to light.huh.gif

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I applied to 10 schools and I am so nervous that it is all I can think about... I am sculpture/ interdisciplinary and after reading all the posts from last year I feel like I should even apply to more. I am actually living in a small ski village for the winter so I'm not at my house and so I am even more nervous about not being the one to physically open the mail!

@leeP i read your post "MFA 2011 sculpture safety" and in that you said you were applying got CU -boulder.... why did you change your mind? I looked at your work and we have a somewhat similar aesthetic.... we both are using light.

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10 schools?! wow

I changed my mind on Boulder because two simple things funding and location. I contacted them about what type of aid they provide their students and it seems that only one student gets a full ride with only one TAship (sculpture), they also accept only 4 students in the program and I feel that while in an MFA program I would want a slightly larger community to study with. In addition to not wanting to live in Colorado, I just decided it is not where I wanted to be..

But the faculty's work looks amazing and had the school had better funding or were in a different location I would have applied.

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