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GPA Question: Pursing Immunology PhD



Hi everyone, 

I am applying to graduate school this upcoming fall and as it draws closer, I find myself getting more and more anxious regarding acceptances. I am applying to Immunology PhD programs. Currently, I am looking at a list of schools. Some include: Northwestern, Pitt, Boston University, Minnesota, Iowa, and Ohio State. 

I have a lower GPA (3.2, Human Physiology major) than most applicants, and I am aware of this. However, I have almost 3 years of immunology research during my undergrad, as well as 2 summer internships from top programs in the field. I will be submitting rec letters from these internships, as well as my home university's lab. 

I think my GPA is what is causing my worries. While programs state they require a 3.0 or above, I still feel like my GPA will cause me to not be a competitive candidate. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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I heard from some folks that GPA below 3.0 could lead to automatic rejections in many PhD programs. As for schools like MIT with an average GPA around 3.9, they might use a 3.5 cutoff, but I'm not entirely certain about the details. The most important thing is to get those strong letters of recommendation early and showcase your experiences in the best possible way! I totally understand the nerves; I'm applying this cycle as well. If you're super worried (and financially able), it might be better to apply to a higher number of programs, like 8-10. Let's do our best! 🤞😊

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