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holy cow! Procrastination and Perfectionism


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So, along with Impostor Syndrome (which I was grateful to discover here and know that what I was feeling was normal) I also have been suffering from... well, debilitating procrastination and perfectionism. It was so bad that I actually turned in two final papers a week late, one on the day that grades were due. I scraped by, barely, but I was advised to have a chat with a counselor.

Really? A counselor? But I'm not depressed or in danger of anything. I'm cheerful and positive.

But obviously I had some issues since I spent the majority of the week when I was "writing my paper" websurfing or playing Bejeweled. So I went.

surprise to me:

Did you know Perfectionism is actually a psychological issue??????

If you have big issues with procrastination or perfectionism, do yourself a favor, look up perfectionism. I found myself written on those pages. Better yet, find out if talking to a counselor at school is reasonably priced, if so take advantage. It's been kind of shocking. I'm still in the middle of the process, but actually knowing that my procrastination is rooted in perfectionism and how I was brought up and everything is an eye opener. I'm hoping to resolve the source of my issues and not just tackle the symptoms of procrastination.

Some perfectionism is ok, and good for high achievers, who know when to say when. I am bordering on neurotic perfectionism. As a friend is telling me, it's difficult because these habits worked for you in the past, but they're not working now (two papers turned in late). So you really have to question whether being a perfectionist is helping or hindering at this point.

I just googled Perfectionism and Graduate School... can of worms... I'll have to go to bed now and read all of those tomorrow.

Seriously, I think this is a big issue, especially for us.

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