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Do you think that doing research in one field


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Perhaps in a way that you wouldn't think of if you only stuck to one field? And might this apply for unrelated fields? I'm specifically thinking of fields as disparate as theoretical biology and astrophysics (so mathematical models might matter a lot).

There are lots of techniques/algorithms that are effective for multiple disciplines and are commonly used in some fields, while maybe underutilized in other fields (or maybe very few people in those other fields even know of these techniques/algorithms).

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I think if you take away the content of what you are researching (or the subject) and you focus on the techniques you have learned, how to formulate hypothesis, specific aims/directions, and how to test those things you can enhance your ability in another field.

I was once told by a very notable professor that anyone can be taught anything, but motivation and desire cannot be taught, if you have a grasp on these "techniques" as I have listed above, you can insert a new concept, approach, whatever, and excel at it.

Hope this helps!

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I definitely think research in most fields translates well to others. It's about learning the scientific process, how to formulate hypotheses and test them, and discuss your conclusions. I'm not sure by your post if you mean that you have studied theoretical biology and want to go into astronomy, or vice versa, but I think because both involve applied mathematics that they can complement each other well. I also think that if you want to go from astronomy to theoretical biology you'd have a major advantage as there is a dearth of biologists/ecologists with strong mathematical backgrounds. However, I also bet a grad program would want you to have at least taken 200+ level classes in the subject you want to continue with.

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