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Picking a second language as a major to boost chances of graduate school?

Izzie Gonzalez

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Hello all! 

I graduated with my bachelor's degree in English Literature and had plans to apply for graduate school; but, do to low GPA, I did not meet admissions criteria in all the MA programs I applied for. My goal is to get into a Master's program in English Literature, but in order to do that, I need 60 units of upper-division coursework and a 3.0 in those 60 units in order to qualify for admissions into several MA programs. 

That being said, I was thinking of applying to CSU Long Beach for a second BA in Spanish (I am also considering French or Japanese), as they allow second bachelor's degrees in foreign language. What language should I pick (I am a native speaker in Spanish, so that might be easier for me to perform well in; and I am highly interested in Japanese, though I have been doing my research on that language, and it is a very difficult language...)?

Should I pursue this second BA if my goal is to gain admission into an MA program in English?

Any suggestions, comments and advice appreciated!!!

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Hi Izzy!

I'm actually in the process of obtaining my third bachelor degree (this one in Spanish). I don't think it hurts at all to have a background in languages. Most programs that look for languages look for "like" languages (French/Spanish/Italian, German/other Germanic, etc.). Portuguese would be a good option for you with your background in Spanish. Since I am not pursuing a degree in English, don't take my word as gold, but I've always seen grad admissions be very happy with additional languages. (I also currently hold a Masters in History) Good luck!

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