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A little guidence for choosing MS in CS University from a short list


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Hello folks,

I have completed my BS in Computer Science on Feb 2010.

  • My undergraduate CGPA is 3.41 out of 4.00.
  • GRE score is Q-740, V-530, AWA-3.0 .
  • IELTS band score is 7.5 .
  • Class rank is 14th out of 38 students.
  • Have 3 international conference papers and 1 journal paper.
  • Was a lecturer of CS department during last 6 months.
  • Participated in several programming contests from my undergrad institute (including regional ACM ICPC).
    I am applying for fall 2011. Although the season is nearly close, I am going to apply within the next couple of days. I know that there is not much chance for initial funding for MS. But I'll try to get some after one or two semesters. I have shortlisted some schools. Can you folks give some analysis about these schools?

    • High:
      • Case Western Reserve University
      • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
      • Clemson University
      • Medium:
        • Mississippi State University
        • University of Utah
        • Auburn University
        • Northeastern University
        • University of Texas, Arlington
        • West Virginia University
        • University of Mississippi
        • Louisiana State University
        • Oklahoma State University
        • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
        • Low:
          • Utah State University
          • Wright State University, Ohio
          • University of Texas, San Antonio
            • High:
              • Simon Fraser University
              • University of Ottawa


            [*]Carleton University[*]Saskatchewan University


            [*]Memorial University

            Okay, it is a ridiculously tall list. The point is I need to narrow it down to half. That is why I am requesting some suggestion/insight from the members about my chance of getting admission at least initially and I am willing to pay for for initial semesters, provided that there are scope for funding later on.

            Actually, (although my low cgpa will become an obstacle) I am interested to enroll into PhD directly, since I plan to do it later on anyway. Is there any chance for my admission into PhD into any of these schools?

            Thank you very much for your time.

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