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Chances of getting into the MSW? Help!!


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HI everyone!

I am very much at a loss of what to do. My dream is to be a social worker and I really want to apply to online MSW programs once applications open but I am so concerned about my chances of getting in due to average grades during my bachelors. I plan on asking for help from MSWhelper (She posts on this forum a lot and I saw her on tiktok) with my letters. but I am wondering if you think it even makes sense to apply for a MSW with my profile? Any and all feedback or ideas are really welcomed and needed. I would do online education as I am in Montreal and would like to study in English (MCgill is the only option but I really do not want to have to redo a bachelor)

I graduated in 2017 from Concordia University in Montreal from their applied human sciences program- Human Relations. It is very hands on and offers practical skills in counselling, intervention and also has a focus on organizational development (which was not something I focused on or took classes in to specialize).

I have about 4 years of volunteer experience, 3 of them being at a community organization that supported LGBTQ+ refugees and migrants. My role was an intake worker (intake with new members, orientation towards services and other resources, accompaniment to hearings for their asylum claim, psychosocial support) as well as a support team worker (animated support groups for members to meet and make connections, offered workshops on how to integrate and have needs met).

I am also starting my 4th year of work in a crisis and suicide center/phone line. My work entails crisis intervention by phone or in person,  suicidal evaluations, supporting our clients through difficult periods by working on ways to cope and manage emotions and self harm, help with housing, connecting them to other resources etc. We work with a huge variety of people with various struggles (personality disorders, mental health struggles, homelessness, addiction, domestic violence) It also entails stats and record keeping as well as training new employees.

I am HORRID at explaining myself and my duties by text but basically it is a high stress crisis setting which I really love and do well in. What are my chances of getting into a masters of social work? THank you so much!!

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