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adequate courses for computational biology/bioinformatics MS/PHD


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Hello all. I hope you're doing fine. I'm doing my bachelor in biology with a minor in cs. I'm seeking advice on taking some additional computational courses.

currently is my last year and I can take additional courses (1 to maximum 3 courses) as a minor elective. these are computational courses i've taken so far, in my major and minor totally:

calculus single and multivariable - linear algebra - elements of programming - OOP - discrete mathematics - data structures - algorithms - foundations and applications of AI (classic AI not statistical ML stuff)- foundations of statistics (univariable analysis) - advanced statistics and probability in biology

based on prerequisite limitations for courses, below are the only available courses for me which i can take:

ordinary differential equations - foundations of probability - foundations of ML - foundations of numerical analysis - foundations of mathematical analysis - linear optimization
Which one (or two or three) course(s) do you recommend to increase my chance of admission into a comp bio or bioinformatics PHD program?
Many advised me to take ODE, but I'm not aiming to work on systems biology but to work on applications of AI in comp bio. but on some comp bio PHD admission requirements I've seen ODE as a prerequisite to their program entrance. That's why I'm a little confused about it.
What confuses me even more is the ODE requirement for PHD admission while most of the comp bio and bioinformatics bachelors i've seen doesn't have ODE in their curriculum (like ucsd, mit, cmu ...).
Do you think ODE is really mandatory to get admitted to a PHD in bioinformatics? or maybe more helpful than other courses mentioned above to increase my chance of admission?
I would really appreciate any suggestion.
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