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Help please! - Call for participants: Growing up with parents who were refugees from war


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As part of my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology I am conducting research about the experiences of those who have been parented by a refugee from war. I am struggling to find the final few participants, I would be really appreciative if you could help out!

If your mother and/or father were refugees from war, please considered taking part in my research. I am interested in hearing about your experiences of growing up. With refugee numbers rising each year I believe it is incredibly important to understand the experiences of not only the refugees themselves but also from their children who may (or may not) be impacted by their parents’ experiences.

If you decide to participate you will be asked to attend a 60-90min online interview.

Please get in touch if you would like to take part in my research by sending me an e-mail on: vd375@bath.ac.uk. If you have any questions about the research please contact me on the same e-mail.

You can find more information about my study here: https://www.bath.ac.uk/campaigns/help-us-research-the-impact-of-war-trauma-on-the-children-of-refugees/

You can also help out by sharing my study on social media, here is the study's twitter page: https://twitter.com/Trauma_Project

This study has been reviewed and given a favourable ethical opinion from the Psychology Research Ethics Committee at the University of Bath (Ethics code: 23 029).

Thank you for your help!!

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