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OK to state that I want to return to industry in Personal Statement (Statistics PhD)?

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I've heard conflicting things on whether it's okay to state in a Statistics PhD personal statement that you ultimately want to return to industry.

E.g: https://academia.stackexchange.com/questions/59607/is-it-a-bad-idea-to-say-in-my-statement-of-purpose-that-i-want-to-pursue-a-phd-i
^But, admittedly, this is for math. Maybe stats is a bit different?

Do you guys have any thoughts/experience with this? Thanks!

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I think most reasonable people would not care much about this, but every person on an admissions committee is just a person with their own opinions, and I have experienced professors who think non-research industry jobs are beneath their PhD students.  You probably don't really want to attend a place where you have to lie about your goals for years anyways, and in a discipline like statistics, you'll definitely find departments and advisors that are supportive of this.

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