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Profile Evaluation PhD CS [BS Physics(3.85 GPA)(7.5 IELTS) (Paper, Conferences, RA, Industry)]

Julia V

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I'm going to apply for Fall 2024 PhD CS programs in the USA.
Can someone evaluate my profile, pls?

UNIVERSITY: 3.85/4 GPA (Graduation in July 2023)
BS in Physics, Moscow State University (One of the best in Russia)

GRE: - not yet (most universities - optional)
IELTS: 7.5

Research Assistant (at my uni) - more than 3 years
Data Scientist - more than 2 years, now more as a Head of Analytic Dep (1 year)

  • 3 Publication 
  • 3 Conference 
  • State Fellow for Special Academic Achievements
  • Best Graduate Paper in Department
  • Twice Winner of International Competition Best Innovative Research Project

* Leader at Student Union of the (my) Department of University


  1. My supervisor 
  2. Super recommendation from my employed(CEO) ahahhaha
  3. One good prof from UK, he was my scientific adviser in one project 



Mathematics: Linear algebra, Differential equations, Methods of mathematical physics, Integral equations and calculus of variations, Probability theory, Mathematical statistics, Mathematical fundamentals of possibility theory, Mathematical methods for physical experiment interpretation, Stochastic processes and their applications in physics, Numerical methods in physics, Measure theory

Programming: Programming and computer science, Fundamentals of mathematical modelling, Computer physics, Mathematical foundations of information technology, Non-numerical algorithms of programming, Modern C++ programming language, Theory of linear computeraided measurement systems

Programming Languages:
Python, C++, SQL, R

Software, Frameworks and Tools:
Machine Learning: PyTorch, Sci-kit Learn
Object-Oriented Programming: C++
Database Management: PySpark, PostgreSQL, AWS
Data Visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Ggplot, Metabase

Can you evaluate my chances and if you have and give me some university possibilities?



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