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Getting into EDD programs after change of career paths during master's


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Hi! I (24F) am almost done with my master's in a health science field (occupational therapy) and only recently have been looking into getting an EDD so I can go back and be a professor/work in academia one day. However, since I only recently decided this, I didn't spend my master's preparing for admission into doctoral programs, so I'm wondering if I screwed myself over and won't be able to get in anywhere. So does anyone have experience with getting into EDD programs without publications, etc.? Would only EDDs be different in terms of competitiveness? Here are my current stats: 

GRE: 312

Master's GPA: 4.0/4.0

Undergrad GPA: 3.85/4.0

Work experience: one year rehab therapy technician, one year undergrad writing tutor, 3 years developing teen programming for a nonprofit during undergrad and grad school, babysitting for over 10 years since I was a teen. Will want to work as an occupational therapist for a few years before applying to programs. 

Volunteer: Over 100 hours volunteering with OT-related organizations in the past year. Helped develop a community program that my school will continue next year. 

Research: no publications but was in a mentored faculty research project and presented the results at my state's OT conference. Also got to present a poster on the community program I helped with. Was in an undergrad research group as well and presented a poster at that school's conference but again no publications ever came of it. 

Other: won 4 awards for my master's, including one national-level award and the others at a state or school level. 


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