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California State University options - MS Statistics

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Greetings everyone,

I have been admitted into three M.S. Statistics programs for the upcoming Spring semester, and I am having difficulties choosing which one to attend.

Below, I've listed the three programs under consideration and pros/cons for each.

  1. CSU East Bay
    1. Pros
      1. Campus is close enough to me to commute to as opposed to relocating. Additionally, many courses are offered in the evening or online or both.
      2. Offers several biostatistics courses (and even an M.S in Biostats), which can benefit me since I work in the healthcare sector.
    2. Cons
      1. I won't have many choices for classes when I start in Spring since the most important courses are only offered in Fall. They are the most important since they serve as pre-prequisites for the majority of other required or elective courses. 
      2. Can only take up to 3-4 electives
      3. I know this is a lame reason, but I can't help but think it would be a mistake to go to East Bay when SJSU and Long Beach are looked at as better schools.
  2. CSU Long Beach (Applied Statistics)
    1. Pros
      1. The area
      2. Has multiple tracks, including biostatistics. 
      3. Greater flexibility in choosing courses since you can take up to 6-7 electives.
    2. Cons
      1. Would obviously need to relocate; Slight preference to stay in the Bay Area
      2. SJSU and East Bay offer an internship course in summer sessions. As far as I know, Long Beach does not offer any program courses in summer.
  3. San Jose State University
    1. Pros
      1. Great area for making connections
    2. Cons 
      1. Too far to commute to; Would need to move closer to university
      2. Can only take up to 3-4 electives
      3. Progrram requires the most courses, although all programs will take anywhere between 3-4 years. 

Relevant details about me:

  • I graduated in 2021 with a B.S. in Statistics. Since then, I've been working full-time (remotely) as a Data Analyst in the healthcare sector.
  • My employer is paying for the program. Thus, I'll still be working full-time while attending the program part-time.
  • I have no interest in pursuing a Ph.D. 

I think all programs are pretty applied with a bit of theory. SJSU may be slightly more theoretical. They all look solid with decent to great professors.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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Since cost is not a factor, I think location is really the biggest consideration.  Maybe people who grew up in California have more associations with these schools, but you're not choosing between schools that are at vastly different levels of prestige like Stanford vs CSU East Bay.  I don't think the availability of slightly more electives is a reason to uproot your life if you don't really want to.  CSU East Bay would be my choice for this reason.

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