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Will not receiving medals in two semesters hurt my profile?



I am have completed 7 semesters in undergraduate in Computer Science. My goal is to apply for Masters in a top graduate school, like MIT or Stanford.

I have the highest GPA in my batch. However, there is an inconsistency in my record. In the first 5 semesters, I received 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals. I was also named in Dean's List in these semesters. However, in 6th and semesters, I although I scored highest GPA in my batch, I did not receive any honors or medals, because I did not take the prescribed course load. So my record looks like this:


Semester 1 (3.98 GPA, Gold Medal, Dean's List)

Semester 2 (4 GPA, Gold Medal, Dean's List)

Semester 3 (3.98 GPA, Silver Medal, Dean's List)

Semester 4 (3.82 GPA, Silver Medal, Dean's List)

Semester 5 (3.96 GPA, Silver Medal, Dean's List)

Semester 6 (3.95 GPA, no medal, no list)

Semester 7 (3.9 GPA, no medal, no list)

I am worried because a faculty member told me that not getting any honors in two semesters will raise flags against me. The admission committee might think that I am a student who takes easy courses, and withdraws courses that are not challenging.

That is certainly not the case, but I am really worried that my GPA might be held back against me.

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