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2023-2024 Statistics/Biostatistics Application Thread

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Initiating 2023-2024 application thread protocol for Statistics/Biostatistics… Algorithm executed. Use this topic to 

- Ask questions

- Post admissions results & funding, or the stage you’ve reached in the recruitment process

- Discuss your thoughts in the process 

- Anything else!

Wishing everyone the bestest of luck! 

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Hi! I applied to mostly Biostats PhD programs! I was wondering if anyone has started to hear back from any yet? I was reading some past forums and it seems that some people started hearing back by this time last year -- making me a bit nervous since I haven't heard anything yet 

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4 hours ago, agamemnon169 said:

UW Madison just asked me for updated fall semester grades. Anyone else get that? How much does that mean?

I received it, too, so I guess it doesn't mean anything. 

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