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The waiting...

pansy flower

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I know I"m preaching to the choir and this has all been said before but I'm really struggling with the waiting this week. I am wanting to hear back from Sarah Lawrence. Trying not to get my hopes up or think about it. I've been lucky enough to get into one program already (American) and will likely attend. I've been rejected everywhere else. However, I write fantasy and Sarah Lawrence's speculative fiction program has (accidentally) become a dream for me. So... hope we hear from them soon.

If anyone knows from American alum if others have written fantasy in workshop! I know they see something in my work but I"m very anxious about being the odd one out in the program. 

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Just peeking my head out from behind my curtain in the corner to drop a couple of words in, which folks may or may not find helpful –

as someone who’s been in academia for a while now, and graduate school for most of it, it’s important to remember that most departments in college/university are run in a state of chaos – no matter how organized they present themselves on the face of it. For the most part, academics and artists are necessarily independent workers, and few of them are good at meeting deadlines themselves – even though they’ll insist everyone around them to do as they say – and not as they do. So, it’s worth remembering that prodding them for info isn’t bad form – it’s sometimes necessary to shake-loose information that you are due, but is caught in a backlog of poor-organization. (Along the same lines, if you run into some snippy, administrative person on the other end – it’s more likely they’re feeling harassed by peers, rather than yourself. This is not to excuse their bad behaviour – they should absolutely know better – but don’t take it as a reflection on your own, reasonable conduct.)

On a separate note – I know most of the folk posting here are going through the unforgiving wringer that is applying to full-time programs with potential funding attached – which is a heart-wrenching, awful process you should all be extremely proud of taking on, no matter the outcome – but if there are any other lurkers out there waiting to hear back from low-residency programs for the upcoming term, I know for certain that Stonecoast started making calls last week, and Bennington only started contacting people over the past couple of days. If anyone is headed to Vermont in June, I’ll hope to see you there!



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