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Profile Evaluation for Phd Finance or Economics

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Short summary: Graduating undergraduate next year (spent three years) and looking to apply straight into either a finance or econ PhD program. Currently looking at the state flagship level which seems like a good fit for my profile. T20 seems like a reach. Please give a blunt analysis and any recommendations.

Student Type: Domestic Chinese American Male

Undergraduate: UNC (T22 school)

Major: Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics (minor)

GPA: 3.798 (Overall)

Courses (some are predictions)

Stats - Intro Stats (A), Probability (A)

Math - Calc I-II (A), Calc III (A-), Discrete Math (B), Linear Algebra (A), First Course in Differential Equations (A), Elementary Differential Equations (A), Numerical Analysis (A),

CS - Intro Programming (A), Data Structures (A), Systems Fundamentals (A-), Computer Organization (A), Foundations of Programming (A-), Databases and Files (A), Models of Language and Computation (A-), Algorithms and Analysis (B+), Intro Computer Vision (A), NLP (A), Machine Learning (A)

Econ - Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A-), Intro Econometrics (A), Financial Economics (A), Econometrics (A), Advanced Financial Economics (A), Financial Markets (A), Financial Accounting (B+)

GRE: plan on taking this summer, estimate score to be around 169Q/164V/4W

Research: None currently with my name published. Have done two research assistant positions, one in the economic policy domain and the other in investments. Doing an REU this summer in the topic of graph learning and network analysis. Advanced financial economics course is a research course and will have a paper from that course. 

LOR: PhD Econ from Duke, PhD Applied Math and CS from Weizmann, PhD Finance from Chicago

Appreciate any thoughts and what else I can do in the coming year besides ensuring good grades and doing good on the GRE. Thanks!

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