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Statistics/Biostatistics PHD program recommendations



Undergrad Institution: Grand Valley State University (public school in Michigan)
Major(s): Statistics and Pure mathematics
Minor(s): None
GPA: 3.99/4.00
Type of Student: White male

GRE General Test:
Not planning on taking as many schools that I am looking at no longer accept these scores.

TOEFL Score: N/A
Programs Applying: Statistics and Biostatistics PhD's
Research Experience: One summer research internship in environmental statistics, next fall I am doing combinatoric research with the math department at my school, and the following winter I am hoping to do research into mathematical biology also with the math department.
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Math dept scholar, Honors college, Mu Sigma Rho member, and Pi Mu Epsilon member.
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Tutor since the winter of 2022 in both mathematics and statistics and TA for statistics next year.
Letters of Recommendation: Planning on having a letter of recommendation from two math professors, one being my research mentor and the other being a professor I have had for a few classes, and a letter of recommendation from a statistics professor I had for probability and statistical theory. Additionally, I have started a bayesian statistics independent study with this statistics professor.
Math/Statistics Grades:  Note: my school does not give out A+'s Calc 1-3 (A's), Real analysis 1 (A), Linear algebra Intro (A), Linear algebra applications (A), Linear Algebra theory (A-), Probability theory (A), Mathematical Statistics (stats theory) (A), Intro to Proofs (A), Nonparametric statistics (A), 2 courses in statistical computing (R/SAS) (A's), 4 applied statistics courses (A's), and I am going to take diffeq, numerical analysis, mathematical modeling, real analysis 2, and abstract algebra next year (hopefully A's!).
Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: I am studying abroad and taking diffeq.

Applying to Where: I still have yet to apply, as I will be a Fall 2025 applicant. However, the schools I am currently looking at for stats and biostats are: UNC, JHU, UW-Madison, UCB, UCSB, UCR, Duke, NCSU, Cornell, University ofNew Hampshire, Michigan, and  UConn. I would love to hear feedback on how to refine my application further to increase my chances for these schools or on anything else. 
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