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Admission Chances - MS Statistics

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Hi all,

Wondering if I could get some advice on my admissions chances to the schools below for MS Statistics, and whether I should apply to any others or remove any (Currently I have a lot listed). I picked these schools based on factors of affordabilty/funding as well as reputation.

Schools: UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, UChicago, UCLA, Duke, UW, Purdue, Wisconsin-Madison, NC State, UC Davis, UCSD, UIUC, Minnesota-Twin Cities, Iowa State, Arizona State, UMass-Amherst, Michigan State, University of Florida, University of Iowa, FSU, UGA, Wake Forest, Ohio State, Bowling Green State

I would be happy with any of these programs, but just want to gauge my chances of where I should be hoping for. I want to go into PhD after my MS but think an MS would make sense to do while I gain research experience and develop a stronger skillset and therefore more insight into specific PhD topics.

Here are my stats:

Student Type: International

Undergrad: T10 UK University

Major: Math

Grade: A's in everything bar one course (B) (No GPA system in UK, but will have top grade)

Study Abroad: At an Ivy

GPA: 3.71

Courses at both: Solid foundations in math and stats including calc courses, linear algebra, abstract algebra, real analysis, complex analysis, machine learning, statistics, probability,...

Took the honors track for real analysis and ended up getting a C+, so that's a worry of mine. All other grades are fine (Study abroad GPA would have been 3.9-3.95 without real analysis)

Research / Projects: No research experience. Have the opportunity to do masters thesis in senior year undergrad so will take this up - will go on application. Wrote complex analysis paper in class taken under notable mathematician in the field - don't know if this adds anything? Other than that just projects in data analysis, math posters, presentations etc (All coursework).

Letters: Probably average - My university has large classes (200+) where you don't get to know professors. Letters will come from professor I knew from study abroad (smaller class so knew better), thesis advisor, and my student adviser throughout my undergrad.

GRE: Haven't taken yet, but have a lot of time so would hope to score pretty well.

Really appreciate any advice on what tier of school people think I have a shot at. If any further details are needed I will happily provide. Thanks!

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I'm not familiar with the grading system in the UK, you say you get As in all but one course, does that mean you can get a First or Upper Second? If you can get a First at a TOP 10 UK university, of course you can have a good chance to go to an American TOP 20 or even TOP 10 university. Previously I know a guy who did their undergrad in Maths in America. Their school is not as good as yours, and probably grades as well, but they can get to go to Georgia Tech.

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