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Oh god. *headdesk* What does it mean?


Bad news or Good News?  

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  1. 1. Is this potential sign of the apocolypse good or bad?

    • Good news
    • Bad news
    • Bah, no one can understand graduate colleges, don't stress
    • Bah, no one can understand graduate colleges, panic.

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Oh god. So one of my schools (oddly the last one on my school choice list, but hurts all the same) has admitted one person with unknown funding, and another person with full funding via e-mail... but I've heard nothing. Bad news probably, right? They knew two days apart from one another.

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Just hang in there! There really is no way of knowing from the information you have there. What could help you try and figure out what is happening is to look at the results from last year on the survey from that program. Were there admits that were sent out at different times - or were the admits just sent out at once and then everyone got a rejection after? It's not perfect but it can at least give you an idea of when the program sends out results. In the mean time try not to panic!

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I can sympathize. Historically all the applicants to my program were either accepted or rejected. Me, no.... they want to interview me. So they like me, but not enough to full out accept me. It really is disconcerting to not fall into the "normal" category that you see happening elsewhere. But I'd say the same, hang in there, and ride it out. You never know what is going on until they tell you something.

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