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For current/past MSW students: continuing spanish?


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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if any past/current MSW students could offer some insight about a language instruction question I have. I noticed that Simmons has specific classes for social work students to continue or begin taking Spanish as part of their MSW studies. I haven't seen any (overt, admittedly I haven't been looking for them) mention of such options at other schools. Have any of you started or continued Spanish as part of your masters program? Is it possible to take those courses as electives through other departments and/or is something offered through the school of social work? Is this something that could be done as an elective, or would I have to take classes in the summer or what?

I currently know little to no Spanish, but am planning to take some courses over the next 2 years while I am waiting to apply to schools (spouse is in a PhD program currently). I'm hoping to be able to continue taking Spanish once I start an MSW program and just want to know if there will be an opportunity to do so. :)

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